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  • Testing children, adolescents, and adults (Generally ages between 4 to 65)
  • Autism Testing for children and adults
  • Educational Testing to determine learning styles and/or disabilities
  • Psychological and Personality Testing
  • ADHD Testing
  • Testing to support IEP's and 504 plans
  • Testing to support Academic/School placement
  • Testing for Giftedness
  • Testing for social services eligibility
  • IQ testing

Process of Testing:

The process of testing begins with an initial intake during which pertinent clinical information is gathered to help determine the type of testing battery needed to meet the client's needs. Following the intake, the testing session is scheduled. The assessment can take anywhere from 2-8 hours. 

After the completion of the assessment, a feedback session is conducted during which test results are reviewed, recommendations are discussed, and necessary referrals are made. Through out this process, necessary consultations are sought to best support the client's needs. 

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